Fresh Turmeric Spaghetti (LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY)

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The concept may seem bizarre... as spaghetti is about as classic Italian American as it gets.  Nonetheless we came upon special twist in response to a combination of  Chef J's affinity for Asian style garlic noodles and a random conversation she had with her nail tech about Vietnamese noodle dishes.  Props to Angie of Nail Pro and Spa of San Pedro.  The sweet woman, ( explained many soups a cold noodle dishes made with turmeric noodles.  Chef J was fascinated and inspired.  She came home and said need to make some turmeric noodles.  We started experimenting and this is what we came up with.  These noodles are our new fave for classic garlic noodles.  We also love them for light cold noodle salads with bright flavors like lime and cilantro.