At MillerButler we wholeheartedly believe in empowering individuals and families by way of food education. 

Our learning experiences take shape by way of :

  • 1 on 1's- Client tailored one on one cooking coaching sessions via zoom.  Chef J provides a personalized menu fit to your unique needs as well as an interactive shopping list and prep list prior to each session.  She is on call to help guide you through your shopping and prep experience.  During the course of the lesson Chef J provides thorough cooking coaching and education.  The "1 on 1's," provide you with indispensable techniques and recipes as well as industry standard culinary terms and hacks.  Chef J loves watching her student's grow culinarily while they feed their friends and family at the time of lesson and for years to come.  


  • Kid's classes- Chef J grew up in the kitchen and therefore understands both the underestimated ability of kids in the kitchen and their potential.  Chef J sees the kitchen as a rewarding arena for practicing focus, creativity, attention to detail and presence.  Kid's classes are a blast. 


  • Zoom Group Classes: Group classes combine the educational value of a, "1 on 1," with the fun and the camaraderie of a party.  Gather your homies and we will help guide you on the best type of class to fit your group.   

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