About Us

We are Miller Butler LLC, a grassroots pasta company and multifaceted culinary organization based out of LA.  We aim to enhance quality of life or “Dolce Vita” within our community through a unique set of culinary experiences. We make a variety of high-quality handmade pasta, teach cooking and pasta making classes, provide elite catering and private chef services. 

 Miller Butler is founded in strong family roots and driven by passion.  We are a husband and wife owned brand.  Our company name reflects the joining of our two families.

“Miller,” is Chef Jillana Nadine Miller aka Chef J.  Chef was practically born in the kitchen and has come up through the ranks as a “private chef to the stars”. She has worked in the homes of Grammy winners and world champions.  She has spent the last 10 years tailoring unique dishes for legends like Mary J. Bilge, Rick Rubin, Kobe Bryant, Diddy and Rajon Rondo to name a few.  Building the dream of Miller Butler with her husband is the next step in her mission to branch out further and wider to cultivate joy and connection through food.

“Butler,” is Ahmad Jamal Butler, co-owner and gifted pasta maker. Ahmad has an extensive background in both Hotel Hospitality and the Music Industry.  Mr. Butler is both a driving force and a stabilizing strength that keep Miller Butler flowing and growing.  Ahmad’s talents are multifaceted.  He is a an artist a craftsman and a disciplined individual.  Three imperative dispositions to success in the world of both food and music. Perhaps this is why he thrives in both.

 Together we are Miller Butler. This brand runs off the synergy of our abilities.    Come build with us, learn with us and eat with us!